"I started smoking more when you left. It’s the only thing that gets the taste of you out of my mouth."
— I’m Tired of Missing You (#652: September 13, 2014)

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Why me of all? For this day i’d been waiting since the fall.

Expected it to be blissful and beautiful, now i wish i could undo it all and make things stable.

Incapable, undesirable, unwanted and unsuccessful i feel, totally lost and given up on this side of the deal.

Wanted to make you happy with all i had, looks like i couldn’t do even that.

Only feeling right now I’m filled with is despair, how i wish if earth could swallow me right there.

Chartered accountancy exams. No phone, no nothing for a couple of months :( I’ll be back soon. Wish me luck guys. :) xx

Only if you knew
What it feels like
To be thrown away,
And left alone.
Only if you knew
What it feels like
To see what you’re not
Get what you shouldn’t
And beg for what you deserve.
Only if you knew
What it feels like
To go through it all over again
The pain, hurt and scars
Replaying forever.

You treat me the way i thought was not possible,
Make me feel i thought no one could do.
The way you talk to me is unbelievably cute,
The way you look at me leaves me scarlet and mute.
Most unimaginably beautiful things you say to me,
Makes me want to hold you tight and flee.

There’s not a moment that i don’t think of you,
there’s not A day that i don’t want to come running into your arms.
There’s not a thing i don’t want to tell you about,
The craving is making it hard to keep calm.
There’s not a morning that i don’t want you next to me with a beautiful smile so sweet,
There’s not a night that i don’t want to cuddle you and go to sleep.
Too sweet or sour, this is the truth, there’s not a second that i don’t love you.
The day goes on and i dream all the time,
You next to me and forever mine,
Nothing should change and just be the same,
No one could ever imagine a better life.
I am for you and you for me,
Its hard to realise but not believe.
Its just the beginning baby and there’s a lot due,
Trust me there’s not a second that i don’t love you.

When someone notices
Someone unknown
The overwhelming joy
Is so foreign
But not shown.
How much those words mean
Coming so selfless
Doing no harm
But only bless.
Thank god for making
Such pure hearts,
Who have enough time
To notice the beauty
Of things, people and art.

jpundercroft i wrote this after i read your message. This is how much it meant to me. Thank you so much. :)

"I wish I could just melt into the darkness, become a part of the world of silhouettes and transform into an unnamed insubstantial existence that is devoid of any human emotion."
— I wish for this every single day; (R.N.)

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"The universe is a solitary place, and all its creatures do nothing but reinforce in solitude. In it, I have never met anyone, I have only stumbled across ghosts."
— Emil Cioran, Tears and Saints (via nemophilies)